10 Best Mixer Grinder Under 2000 in India 2021- buying guide

You don’t need to waste too much time cooking in recent years with considerable innovations and kitchens to minimize your time and effort tremendously. Every woman had to sit down to prepare the spicy masalas and other purees with a grinding tool in ancient times. However, it is now quick to execute various tasks such as grinder, blender, or combine multiple ingredients to prepare them with a mice grinder’s help.

Best Mixer Grinder Under 2000

This efficient gadget plays a vital role in the Indian kitchen, and it becomes a requirement to have a mixer in your kitchen. It simplifies your work and also saves you a lot of time to perform other tasks. You need to click the button to do different tasks with your mixer grinder. Hence, this makes it essential for everyone to have a mixer gained in the kitchen.

It is impossible to imagine the kitchen without a mixing grinder because it is required in Indian cuisine to prepare certain crucial items such as ginger garlic paste, idli batter, or dosa batter. You must grind a few spices that add flavor to your food if you like to cook any spicy and flavourful food.

The construction of a mixer grinder that helps run a problem-free life is now dramatically improved with emerging technologies. For example, you can prepare different fruit and herbal juices with a mixer and knead chapatis and puris with the dough. These choices make cooking a lot more comfortable.

Due to the wide use of mixer grinders in indigenous households, many brands manufacture mixer grinders that differ in their characteristics and specifications. It is very important for you to determine which appliance fits the best for your kitchen. If you cannot decide which one is correct for your kitchen, our comparison guide will support you. Hence, we have compiled the list of best mixer grinders under 2000. Make sure your research covers certain features such as engine strength, warranty time, accessories, market value, ease of use of mixer grinder, etc. It will help you find the right mixer on your budget.

Best Mixer Grinders Under 2000

Best Mixer GrindersPowerJarsWarrantyView
Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder500 watt31 yearsview at
Orient MGKK50B3 Mixer Grinder
500 watt32 yearsview at
Butterfly Hero Mixer Grinder500 watt31 yearsview at
Inalsa Jazz Mixer Grinder
550 watt32 yearsview at
Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder
500 watt2 yearsview at
Eveready Glowy Mixer Grinder500 watt32 yearsview at
Lifelong Mixer Grinder 500 watt41 yearsview at
Prestige Hero Mixer Grinder 500 watt32 yearsview at
Kenstar MIXEL Mixer GRINGER 500 watt32 yearsview at
Glen Mixer Grinder 550 watt35 yearsview at

1. Bajaj Rex 500 watt Mixer Grinder

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The Bajaj Rex 500watt blender grinder is currently one of the longest-lasting mixer grinders on the Indian market. The term robust refers to the fact that this mixer grinder is rust and stain-resistant.

Best Mixer Grinder Under 2000

This mixer grinder has a 500-watt motor designed to perform various tasks without complications, and so do the majority of the most popular products available on the market today. The mixer grinder is also provided with vacuum feet to ensure the consistency of the mixer grinder.

One of the most impressive aspects of this mixer grinder is that the company sells this product with three jars, a 1,2-liter liquidizing container, a 0.8-liter dry grinding jar, and a 0.3-Liter Chutney jar.

The three variable speed controls which make the Bajaj Rex Mixer grinder unique are the mixing and grinding processes. The variable speed option allows users to execute functions without overloading the system. The product comes with an LED indicator function, which quickly indicates the power on ad power. This commodity has a 1-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

  • LED indicator
  • Three different jars
  • Multipurpose blade system
  • Noisier than other mixer grinders.

2. Orient MGKK50B3 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

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Orient Electric has become one of the leading producers of electric appliances in India. This brand has a tradition of production devices and experience in the manufacturing and selling of high-quality mixer grinders.

Best Mixer Grinder Under 2000

This mixer has a compact design with a sleek design that not only takes up less space on your kitchen counter but gives your kitchen an attentive look with a careful plan. It is one of India’s best mixer grinders under 2000 because it makes cooking more straightforward and friendly for all Indian households.

The mixer engine is powerful, which ensures that it aids tremendously in the cooking process—the mixer blades of nickel, which makes a precise molding of the edge. The jar fluid breaker is mighty and fast. It has a 500-watt motor, which allows all types of smashing operations. There are jar flow breakers that ensure optimum interaction between the blades and the food products.

Small feet are acting as a stronghold. This holds the blender on hold, which prevents it from sliding as the blender works. The jars have a comfortable handle to carry so that the person taking them can handle them safely. This fits with a three-speed regulator, which enables the motor to rotate to three speeds. The blender also features a limited pulse mode used for lighter working and is among the best mixer grinders under 2000 due to the above-listed factors.

  • Extra durable
  • Overload protection
  • Standard quality motor
  • Poor customer care service.

3. Butterfly Hero Mixer Grinder

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Certain brands are very popular with consumers on the market. The Butterfly Brand is one of the most famous brands among people. A mighty 500-watt engine powers the mixer. This high-performance motor allows the mixer grinder to shut down automatically when it crosses the overload limit.

The mixer can be perfect in your new kitchen. Three steel pots, such as multi-purpose jar, liquid jar, and chutney jar, were applied to prepare separate dishes in the mixer grinder. 

The mixer grinder provides the highest results with its special blades’ configuration in terms of grinding and mixing efficiency. The sharp edges spin at a rate between 17000 and 20000 per minute and are therefore very useful for cutting, mixing, and grinding various ingredients.

The three-speed button controller is designed to control speed and can be used to change various velocity limits. Furthermore, the “whip” option allows you to operate the mixer grinder faster for grinding the ingredients. The kit consists of three pots, three lids, a blender, and a guaranteed key.

  • Good design
  • Speed control
  • Overload protection
  • Speed control will not work correctly.

4. Inalsa Jazz Mixer Grinder

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Inalsa is not a famous brand for most people here, so let us understand that it is one of India’s leading mixer grinder brands today. With a powerful 550 watt engine, the Inalsa Jazz Mixer Grinder is designed for a long time without losing its performance. This product consists of three separate glasses, including one 1.2-liter liquidizing container, one multi-purpose 0.88-liter jar, and one 0.4-liter chutney jar.

The durable stainless steel blades guarantee optimum performance in the grinding and mixing process. The jars have high quality simple handled that help the user easily carry the pot. One of the notable things about this product is that it has an effortless grip. The grinder features an anti-skid foot that guarantees the durability of the hero for the blender.

  • Good quality grip handles.
  • 3-speed control alternatives
  • 500-watt motor
  • The speed control button is of low quality.

5. Maharaja Whiteline 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

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Maharaja Whiteline is a mixer grinder maker in the industry. The live mixer grinder is India’s best blender grinder under 2000 since it comes with a 500W engine.

The 500W motor gives this grinder a powerful unit, making it one of the easy-to-use grinders. The grinder features such pulse, overload safety, and steady speed modulation.

The jars are adjustable, allowing the customer to carry them securely and tightly. This mixer grinder’s blades are very sharp and can cut and paste into the most robust material. It is easy to clean and to maintain this mixer grinder. It is one of the best blender grinders in India under 2000.

  • Sharp blades.
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful motor
  • A bit noisy

6. Eveready Glowy Mixer Grinder

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Eveready Glowy is one of the best mixer grinders with a 500-watt motor to handle various functions without any effort. This mixing grinder features a speed control option that allows the user to control the high and low speed.

This product involves the manufacturer of three separate jars, a 1-liter liquidizing container, a 0.8-liter wet grinding jar, and a 0.4-liter chutney Jar. One of this blender’s remarkable features is the automatic overload safety that shuts off the product at overload. The manufacturer supplies this commodity with a 2-year guarantee.

  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable design
  • Stainless steel jars
  • It uses low-quality plastic.

7. Lifelong Power 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

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It is one of the best mixer grinders under 2000 in India because it is known for providing the consumer with an exceptional mixing experience. The mixer grinder is lightweight. Also, this mixer grinder is very easy to clean and maintain. The blender grinder features a 500-watt turbo engine that can always be ground even though lentils or rice are ground.

The mixer grinder comes with jars of stainless steel, plus a three-speed grinder that makes it a straightforward job to mix. It comes with high-quality stainless steel material. It comes with a skid-resistant foot, making it easy to operate the mixer grinder and stops the grinder from slipping.

The mixer jars have simple handles to grasp to make handles easy to hold and sturdy enough to improve the jar’s ability to work with the right ingredients.

  • Good grip
  • 1-year warranty
  • Reset button
  • Noisy

8. Prestige Hero Mixer Grinder

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currently in white. It comes with a powerful 550W engine, which certainly helps you grind and merge quickly.The Prestige is one of the excellent products among the best mixer grinders available in the market.

The unique Prestige Hero Mixer Grinder appears to match the standard. It has a good look and is 

It comes with three stainless steel jars used to grind the chutneys, from the liquidizer to the smallest. The blender is to stop the blender automatically if the pots are full. This is one handy feature. It also features the usual anti-slip feet and is also shockproof.

  • Good design
  • Reasonable price
  • Overload protection
  • A bit noisy

9. KenStar Super Mixer Grinder

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Ken Star is one of the famous brands of more than 63 distributors and more than 3500 franchises when it comes to mixer grinders. However, with a robust 500W engine, Ken Star’s Super Mixer Grinder can light up all the ingredients to blend perfectly. It is sleek, lightweight, and look s fantastic this pa; this item comes with a healthy style.

The grinder comes with three jars, a liquidizer, a medium-size container, and a small jar, each with a capability of 1.25L, 0.8L, and 0.4L. By the way, the translucent surfaces of the three pots are immune to breakage. It is powerful enough to satisfy your kitchen needs and comes with a two-year warranty. What makes it attractive.

This mixer grinder comes with N-Dura flow breakers and a vacuum foot. And with the mixer grinder, you can expect a guaranteed card, a user manual, and a support center list from India if you face a problem later.

  • Lightweight
  • It comes with Three jars and manual
  • Attractive price
  • None

10. GLEN Mini Mixer Grinder

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This mixer grinder is well built to look excellent in white and comes with the requisite accessories, such as pots. It has a 350 W engine and is plenty powerful to fulfill the existing kitchen requirements. It is suitable for small homes and can surely grind to a fine blend of all the ingredients you need.

The grinder comes with a powerful engine and comprises trust-based steel blades and ergonomic jars. It has two vessels with 500 ml and 30g capacity, respectively. But the thing which makes it distinctive is that the jars come with a flow breaker. Once activated, you can smoothly mix the components without stopping the mixer and opening the pot again to mix the ingredients. It also comes with a 1-year guarantee on both the mixer grinder and the engine. It succeeds in standing out for the right reasons and is meant for durability.

  • Overload protection
  • Two jars
  • 350W motor
  • None

Buying Guide

Different Types of Mixer Grinder


The mixer will blend and churn different products into a semi-liquid mixture, including purees for curries.

Hand blend Mixer Grinder

It’s a handheld device that blends and mixes ingredients in the semi-liquid state for cooking. A hand blender has an engine that can be used in any bowl to mix materials. Blenders can make a beater of egg, buttermilk churning, etc.


A grinder is a durable system used to grind materials solid in powdery shapes instead of a mixer. It grinds rice, barley, and pulses. A grinder can grind both wet and dry ingredients. There are two types of grinders, such as coffee grinders and meat grinders. A coffee grinder can grind roast coffee beans, and the meat grinder can convert meat into chop form.

Mixer Grinder

The mixer grinder is a combination of a mixer and a grinder. The mixing grinder has two separate jars: one is for dry, the other for wet grinding. Wet grinding performs in the large barrels. The pots in the blender use inox material, which is fastened or detachable by the blades.

Juicer Mixer Grinder

The Juicer Mixer Grinder is a mix of a mixer and a juicer. A juicer mixer has an extra jar that can produce juices from fruit and vegetables. The flavorful mixer grinder is currently the most common product.

Factors to consider before purchasing a Mixer Grinder


It would help if you were careful about your safety when using some electrical equipment. Often go for protection when choosing the right mixer grinder. The secure choice is to consider a mixer grinder with durable lock and overload protecting features.

Overload will interrupt the mixer grinder at any moment. The overload security mechanism will ensure that the machinery is not affected. You can also check for a blender with a long-lasting and high-quality cord.

Speed and Wattage

The amount of wattages it has is one of the first things to search in a mixer grinder. Higher wattages are useful for more problematic ingredients and quicker speed. Both 500 W to 750 W are adequate to make it usable for an Indian Kitchen.

Another critical aspect is the RPM of a mixer grinder, as it states how quickly the blade rotates every minute. Anything between 18000 and 23000 RPM is sufficient enough for a domestic mixer grinder. Ideally, a juicer mixer is necessary to operate efficiently for low to medium rpm. Liquids or herbs cannot be successfully mixed or broken at a higher RPM. Look for mixer grinding devices with speed control buttons/switches to adjust the settings as per requirements.


Often check the number of available jars when selecting the right mixer Grinder. For several functions, mixer grinders usually come with 3-4 jars. These jars are available with various storing abilities and grinding blade sizes. Be sure all these jars have long-lasting lids that have optimum break resistance and regular wear tolerance. Furthermore, you can pick mixers with a good handle so that pots can be filled and unloaded comfortably.

Good Brand

Many manufacturers in India have the best mixer grinder. Choose the best brand to ensure the device’s reliability and consistency. And you won’t have to change it much with a high-quality mixer grinder. You definitely won’t lose money on several fixes or get a new alternative. Often try to find a trustworthy, credible, and renowned Mixer Grinder brand to save cost and effort on the online hunt.


The mixer grinder consistency makes the mixer run smoothly. Get your kitchen life much better if you have a robust mixer grinder, sturdy blades, and convenient jars. However, it would be a waste of time to purchase one with cheap body stuff.

We can now easily find well-known brands that deliver high-quality scrubbers and innovative features to guarantee unrivaled efficiency. To get a high-quality mixer grinder, you should choose the right Brand for a juicer mixer online.


Mixer grinder blades play an essential role in its operation. Always purchase the best mixer with blades made of superior grade materials like stainless steel. The 304 blades of Stainless Steel are incredibly efficient, robust, and resistant to corrosion. Make sure the steel blades are 304 grades of stainless steel. These are high-quality blades that can hold their sharpness for a long time. Don’t put your hands on the blades, mainly when your mixer is perfect. You can get hurt with sharp edges.

Healthy Food Mixer Grinder

If your blending mixer is too hot, your food can lose its vitamins and minerals when you come into contact with heat. It is therefore critical that you buy the right wattage and overload safety mixer grinder. This means that the food is healthy and nutritious. All you need to find is a secure mixer grinder. 


Always prepare the price before purchasing a mixer grinder. You have to build your budget according to the features of your mixer grinder. The cost of the equipment can also depend on its efficiency standard. However, some mixer grinding machines are less costly and do not have the most significant characteristics.


Before you purchase any unit, it is beneficial to review the warranty. It would help if you came up with brands who give their products a strong guarantee. When selecting a model, a guarantee period ranging from 2 to 5 years is a reasonable choice. A mixer grinder with an additional engine warranty is also necessary. This means that your mixer grinder is safe for a long time.


Hence, these are the best mixer grinders in the price range of 2000. All of the brands are well-known items, and you can pick the best one in the market for your kitchen. If you have to prepare daily juices, you should use a juicer. You can purchase and use any of the items above in your kitchen if you frequently need simple masalas for your food recipes. So you can buy the best option for your budget, depending on your needs.

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