10 Best Food Processors in India 2021- buying guide

Just like our android versions are upgrading every day, our kitchen appliances are getting upgraded too.

What if we had a device that could make juices and mix or chop the ingredients, then we wouldn’t have to keep a heck lot of appliances and save a lot of space.

For the same purpose, food processors were invented. They can make juices, grind, mix, chop, slice, shred and some food processors can even scrape the coconut. This would help in saving a lot of time, energy, and efforts, oh! and saves a lot of money that you would be spending on buying different devices. 

Best Food Processors

The dishwasher’s main advantage is that it does not require very little water for your operation, unlike mixer grinders that can’t operate without a hefty amount of water.

Though there are a lot of options available in the market, we bring you some of the best ones here. Check them out.

Best Food Processors in India 2021

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Inalsa Food Processor INOX1000 watts2 yearsview at
Usha FP 3810 Food Processor1000 watts2 yearsview at
Usha FP 3811 Food Processor1000 watts5 yearsview at
Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta 650 watts5 yearsview at
Kenwood FDM301SS Multipro Compact
800 watts2 yearsview at
Bajaj Maverick  Food Processor750 wattts2 yearsview at
Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 food
600 watts2 yearsview at
Morphy Richards Icon Superb food
1000 watts2 yearsview at
Philips Food Processor HL1661 700 wattsN/Aview at
Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Compact Food
400 watts2 yearsview at

1. Inalsa Food Processor INOX 1000-Watt With Blender Jar

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Inalsa has been serving its Indian customers since 1967. It was brought to India by a company named Taurus, from Spain. This food processor comes with a lot of features, but the most attractive is its 100% Copper motor of 1000 W power. This powerful motor makes the whole experience perfect and smooth.

Other notable features are its stainless steel body, which ensures longevity of the product, with all three see-through blender jars of 1.5 liters, chutney grinder jar of 400 mL, wet/ dry grinder jar of 1 Liter capacity, five functional SS disc blades, citrus juicers, kneading jar with a blade, and chopper blade.

It can also be used for chopping, shredding, slicing, and emulsifying foods, beat cake batter and egg whites, knead bread-dough & grind meats and vegetables.

It comes with two different types of jars- citrus fruits and centrifugal juicers. 

This device is self-sufficient in terms of its safety. The Safety Sensor Device stops the motor from running when all parts of the model are not correctly fitted, and we all have faced that situation of an abrupt eruption once. This ensures that you have locked your containers properly, or else the processor will not operate, even if it is powered on. It comes with an Overheat Safety feature, which automatically turns off the motor when the processor becomes too hot or overloaded.

The food processor base is neither too heavy nor too light and comes with an anti-skid bottom, with vacuum legs. Also, this product has a cord winder at the bottom to keep it safe. 

It has a warranty for two years.

  • INOX 1000 is highly safe with all safety features embedded in it.
  • This product is very economical, as, from one single product, you can carry out multiple functions.
  • It comes with a very powerful 100% copper motor for better performance
  • This product comes with an overheat safety feature and also has the child-lock facility
  • Also, it has a wide feeding tube, which helps in incorporating wider ingredients too.
  • A little bit heavier than most models.
  • Expensive.

2. Usha FP 3810 Food Processor

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Usha has been a trusted brand in India for decades. Usha food processors are very useful for making the jobs easier in the kitchen.

This food processor from Usha comes with 12 different operations and 31 different attachments.

The food processor comes with a multitude of the different operating unit which includes, a lid, citrus juicer assembly, blender jar, multipurpose jar, chutney jar, centrifugal juicer attachment with lid and pusher, chopping blade, atta kneading blade, whisper spindle, finger chips blade, slicing blade, shredding blade, and spatula.

It comes with a powerful copper motor of 1000 W power. It can perform tasks like chopping, shredding, and slicing with its 13 premier attachments. 

This food processor also contains two stainless steel jars, one impact jar, and one food processing bowl.

Also, it comes with a pulse for speed adjustments. The total capacity of the food processor is around 2.4 Liters. Also because of its premium black SS finish, it looks very elegant and stylish.

This product has a warranty for two years.

  • The blade provided with the food processor is made of food-grade material and also contains a blade cover. The blade is quite big.
  • This food processor contains a lot of different units that help in blending, mixing, or grinding. Thus, making this product multi-functional.
  • It also comes with centrifugal and citrus juicers.
  • The product is of strong build, but it makes very less noise while operating.
  • Any negative aspects have not been found yet.

3. Usha FP 3811 Food Processor 

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This brand has been thriving in the Indian market with its other products, such as fans, water heaters, etc. But their kitchen appliance product has been popular as well. The products manufactured by Usha are widely popular throughout the country. It is a “go-to” brand for every average Indian family. With the premium quality food processor, nothing else could have been expected, that too at a very affordable price.

The food processor comes with multiple operating units, like, kneading, chopping, grinding, shredding, blending, slicing, grating, and whisking. It comes with both centrifugal and citrus juicers. What’s interesting is that the centrifugal juicer comes with an attached tap at the bottom, for easy dispensing of the juice. 

It has a powerful copper motor, that lasts longer and improves performance. The 1000 W motor runs smoothly and gets the job done efficiently. 

It also comes with six different blades, which can be stored in the base of the processor. The blades come with plastic covers too, for safety measures. 

It comes with another safety measure of disc holder in the processor, which makes cleaning of the discs easier. This food processor comes with three impact-resistant jars, out of which two are made of stainless steel and one blender made with plastic, and a food processing bowl.

The food processor is very stylish to look at due to its premium black matte finish.

The product comes with a warranty of five years on the motor with two years on the product.

  • The blade provided for chopping, whisking and kneading are quite large in size and sharp too and comes with a cover too.
  • This product comes with juicer assembly separately to get the juices of all fruits properly.
  • This product comes with 12 different operating accessories, which makes your job much easier.
  • This food processor comes with a two-speed setting and a pulse pre-installed in it.
  • This machine is all for safety, as it comes with an in-built locking system to avoid any mishap.
  • The product is very efficient as well as very stylish too.
  • The spare parts are sometimes not available so you might get them on time

4. Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta 650-Watt 

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This brand needs no introduction. It is a pioneer of kitchen appliances and is popular since its launch in India some 30 years ago.

Its best feature is its 100% copper motor of 650 W power, which is pretty energy-efficient and also efficient to carry out its job like grinding, cutting, chopping, or juicing.

The food processor’s blades are made of premium quality steel that can be used for coarse and fine cutting, chopping, pureeing, and processing cake mixtures. Also, the blades come with plastic protection for extra safety. The sharp stainless steel blades give sharper and faster cuts. It can be used for beating eggs, kneading bread dough, and also grinding meat and vegetables.

The design is such that the main units are constant and the extra accessories can be changed accordingly, which saves a lot of space in the kitchen. Also for making it compact, it comes with a single disc and multiple steel blades, the blades can be fixed on a single disc for different uses.

The additional units provided with the food processor are a 1.5L polycarbonate BPA-free blender jar and a 1 Liter multipurpose stainless steel jar, providing longevity. 

It also has an anti-skid bottom, that prevents unnecessary slipping of the product. And the troubleshooting guidelines are provided too. 

This product has a noise level of 80-90 dB and comes with a warranty for two years.

  • The product package comes with a DVD which has all the information regarding the product, making it easier to use.
  • The food processor can knead any dough just within 5 minutes.
  • Also this very economical, with its given price and the number of features it has
  • The capacity of the jars provided are quite large
  • It is easy to maintain and produces very little noise
  • It comes with an in-built locking system for more safety
  • Also, this product is compact, taking less space in the kitchen.
  • The product has a lot of plastic parts, and also the quality of the plastic is very average
  • The product might not be very durable

5. Kenwood FDM301SS Multipro Compact (800 Watt) Foodprocessor

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This Japanese company offers very good quality products for a very affordable price.

This food processor comes with a powerful motor of 800 W and has a variety of accessories, which helps you create many dishes.

The food processor comes with a whisking tool for whisking eggs or creams, a dough tool for kneading, and a knife blade for chopping or pureeing. Additionally, it has a citrus maker that makes juices and discs for slicing potatoes or cheese cubes, all of which are made of high-quality materials.

The processor is made of plastic and steel, for having a longer life. The appliance is quite heavy, weighing around 48 Kgs and what’s more, it has a two-speed adjuster and pulse function. 

  • Along with these mentioned tools, an extra-fine grater is provided which is used for getting optimum results as it helps you slice thick and thin slices accordingly.
  • Also, the food processor has a very strong built and good looks which enhance your kitchen interior.
  • Due to its multi-functionality, it saves a lot of cost from buying a variety of products.
  • The manufacturer does not mention the warranty period for this product.

6. Bajaj Maverick 750W, 3 Jars, Food Processor 

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This Indian brand needs no introduction. They are known for making strong and durable products which help in making our lives easier.

This processor’s most prominent attribute is its outlook, which is dual-colored and looks very stylish, and enhances your kitchen’s decor.

This food processor package comes with a food processing bowl and three jars, which are a liquidizing jar of 1.5 Liters, a chutney jar of 0.4 Liters, and a dry grinding jar of 1 Liter. This is powered by a 100% copper motor which ensures the best performance with a power consumption of 750 W.

This food processor also has a mixer grinder, coconut scraper, and a food processing bowl. 

It comes with a warranty of two years on the product and an extended 5 years warranty on the motor.

  • This food processor along with all beneficial features comes with unbreakable handles and lids for durability.
  • The 100% copper motor just requires 750 W power, which is pretty energy-efficient for a food processor.
  • This feature scraps the coconut in the mixer grinder, without actually using a coconut scraper.
  • The model is very attractive to look at and also durable.
  • It does not have any mention of safety measures, like overheat resistance and all.

7. Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600-Watt Food Processor

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It is another premium quality product from Bajaj. This product works as well as the outlook of it.

It comes with a set of three jars and a food processing bowl. Among the three jars, two are made of stainless steel( chutney jar and the grinding jar) and the third one(liquidizing jar) is made of unbreakable polycarbonate material and also the food processing bowl is made of the same material. And the processor comes with a three-speed adjuster and pulse function for momentary operations.

The blades are made of stainless steel. There are six different types of blades provided with it- detachable blades, dry grinding blade, slicing blade, chutney blade, chopping blade, and another blade for kneading, cutting, shredding, etc. 

The food processor can be used for kneading, chopping, shredding, juicing, and slicing. The chutney jar’s capacity is 0.3 Liters, that of the liquidizing jar is 5 liters and the capacity of the mixer grinder is 1 Liter. 

The food processor comes with a motor overload protector and the power consumption of the motor is 600 W. and for extra safety, it comes in an in-built jar locking system. 

The food processor comes with a warranty of two years with five years extended warranty on the motor.

  • It has a powerful copper motor of 600 W, which provides smooth performance and is energy-efficient too.
  • The product makes very little noise while operating.
  • The product has a lot of safety features including motor overload protection.
  • It is very easy to use and maintain
  • The customer care service of Bajaj is commendable.
  • The jars given are not of very good quality, though that does not affect the performance of the product
  • Capacity-wise the product is not suitable for large families.
  • Because of its white outer color, it might get dirty very easily.

8. Morphy Richards Icon Superb 1000-Watt Food Processor

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The major highlight of this product, from the reputed brand of Morphy Richards, is its outlook is so elegant and distinct that it becomes a must-have in the kitchen.

This food processor is multi-functional and mainly used for juicing, mixing and grinding. It also has an innovative seven-step slicing blade. The additional units given with the package are a jumbo-sized processing bowl of capacity 2.4 Liters and other jars and a spatula. There are 11 other accessories that can perform 16 different operations. The body of the container and liquidizing jars come with measuring cups for effective measurements. 

This product comes with three adjustable speeds.

This food processor has Quadra-flow technology for super fine grinding.

For safety measures, a child-lock facility is provided. It also comes with an in-built jar locking feature which provides very little chance of spillage. 

This humongous operation is carried out using a 100% copper motor of 1000 W.

It has an anti-skid bottom, due to the vacuum legs keeping the whole unit steady and has an airway at the bottom of the unit.

Warranty: 2 years.

  • Products from this trusted brand are of good quality and are very efficient.
  • It comes with a lot of features and can have multi-purpose uses
  • It also comes with an anti-skid base and child-lock safety for the convenience of the customers
  • The food processor is very classy to look at and also easy to use
  • It has extra-long blades for efficient grinding
  • The price of the product is very high
  • It is a very power-consuming machine
  • The base unit is quite heavy.

9. Philips Food Processor HL1661 700Watts

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You can not just have any electrical appliance of Philips at home. Philps believe in quality and that has made this brand popular over the globe. This product from Philps is another milestone on a white-based product. Also with this, you do not have to think about your electricity bill, as it has a five-star rating.

This device is a multi-purpose device that is the work of slicing, shredding, mincing, blending, scraping as well as wet grinding, which saves our time and energy. Along with that, this package comes with both centrifugal and citrus juicers. It also comes with various blades, including a grating blade, mixing blade, chutney blade, and slicing blade. It comes with five different jars varying in the capacity of 1.2 to 2 liters.

This processor is powered by a 100% copper motor which requires power consumption of 700W. 

It comes with two-speed adjuster settings and also has two pulse settings.

What’s more, is that it comes with “Power Chop” technology to not only help with chopping but can make purees and cake batter.

The blender jars are made of premium quality plastic and as there are no joints, it ensures no leakage. 

It has a single disc where different blades can be attached and used to minimise its storage space. It has a warranty for two years.

  • It comes with an anti-skid base.
  • It can be cleaned manually and is dishwasher safe too
  • For safety measures, it comes with an in-built locking system, overload motor protector, and safety switch
  • It is very easy to use and maintain
  • The product looks very classy and is compact
  • The blades are made of stainless steel.
  • The quality of the jars are very average
  • The product is basically on the higher price side.

10. Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Compact Food Processor

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Wonderchef is an upcoming brand and is gaining popularity because it is very affordable and useful in day to day life.

The food processor might look small but is action-packed. It can help in grinding mixtures, juicing, food processing like kneading the dough, and multiple blades to perform various operations. 

A motor of 400 W powers the food processor. 

The package includes a variety of units like the big mixer jar with a capacity of 750 mL, a blending jar with a capacity of 500 mL, a chutney jar, and a dry grinding jar with a capacity of 300 mL. It comes with wet blending blades for the tall jar and mixer jar, each for blending and grinding. 

The whole unit does not have any speed controlling button. 

A separate transparent juicer jar is provided which has another attachment for making juices. 

Warranty: 2 years.

  • It provides a multifunction product at a very affordable price
  • It is very simple to maintain and use the product
  • The food processor is a compact one
  • The power required is only 400 W, which makes this device very energy-efficient.
  • The whole unit has to be run on a pre-selected speed, as no such options are there
  • This is perfect for a small-sized family
  • The motor is not very powerful.

There are a lot of factors on which your required food processor selection depends. The factors are mentioned below:


The food processor is required to perform a variety of tasks, like beating eggs or kneading the dough, which requires different speeds. So see to it that you buy the one with variable speed if you want different jobs to be done, or else get the automated one. The majority of the food processors present are available with a three or two-speed setting and try to buy one. And also see if the pulse setting is present as it enables you to have monetary whisking.


If you are buying a food processor, you expect it to perform a variety of functions. The food processor chosen should be able to do its required tasks. And performing multiple tasks require a powerful motor with higher power consumption. Suppose if you want your processor to grind, chop, slice, knead, a stronger motor food processor should be selected.

 Keep in mind, the minimum should be 600 W, higher power ones are present as well. There are some food processors which have a motor of power 1000 W.

Brand Name:

There is no shortage of brands of food processors in the market. Many of them are old ones, who are highly trusted and reputed. The ones we mentioned are the reputed ones. Also, see to it that you have some customer service center nearby the said brand. 

The brand name comes more price, though the price also depends on how powerful the motor is and how many extra accessories it is giving. But the last decision should be made by you based on your requirement and the budget.

Capacity and size:

The food processors are available in a wide spectrum of sizes, ranging from 7 cup choppers to 20 cups variants. So before buying it is very important to know which to buy according to your requirement. 

An average Indian family consists of 4-5 members and they should opt for the full-sized processor along with they should get the 10 attachment product. Though a mini food processor is quite apt for single people.

Blades and Discs:

Before buying check the number and the types of blades and the disc being provided with the food processor, as the appliance mainly functions based on the blades and disc only.

There are a variety of blades available with multi-purpose use like the reversible blade for grating and slicing, along with it see if the multi-purpose disc were given like beater and whisk disc attachments. 


Generally, a food processor comes with a two years warranty and an extended warranty on the motor for five years, but the plastic parts do not come under the warranty.

But it is very important to ensure that the product bought has a long-term warranty and provides quality customer service. Food processors with proper warranty and performance will make your experience more enjoyable.

Before buying, always see to it that there are serving centers present nearby.

Ease of use:

The food processors are not the easiest in the lot. They need to be handled delicately, if not they can be damaged.

So it is quite good to get the DOs and DON’Ts list before starting using it. Also if a user manual was provided, it would have eased the way of using it.

Ease of Assembly and Control:

As a food processor comes with a lot of accessories, it would be simpler if the arrangement of the unit while using, could be done quickly and easily. Also, it should be kept in mind that the parts of the food processors are easy to clean.

Safety lock and overload protection:

A safety lock is very important in a food processor, as it saves you from skidding off the appliance and spilling the food. Since a food processor has the least powerful motor of 700 W and comes with sharp blades, it is important to have safety locks. Nowadays, to avoid any mishap, the food processors come with an in-built system that does not allow the appliance to operate until and unless the containers are properly locked. Also make sure that the lids are leak-proof, to avoid unnecessary spilling.

Sometimes it might happen, that we unknowingly put the extra amount in the container, or have been using the machine for quite a time, then this might put an extra load on the motor and damage it. Food processors that come with proper overheating or overloading resistant features, makes the experience much easier and smooth. So, these features should be checked before buying to prevent any damage and not waste money on repairs.


We brought to you the best ones in the market. But some might seem to have all the facilities you need, but you do not have that much area in the kitchen, or it is way out of your budget.

So before buying think of the points discussed above and then decide, which is the best.

Food processors are used to saving time and effort. So it should be checked that it is a multi-functional appliance to provide all-round convenience. 

But if you were to ask us, we would say Inalsa Food Processor INOX- 1000 W, is the best one. Though all the ones we reviewed are the top ones, in a generalized way, if we see, the one mentioned will be the best. Its sensor safety device and overheat protection makes it our favorite. And more importantly, it has a cord winder, which others don’t, so it gets a bonus point for extra cautious steps by the manufacturer.

Your choice might not match ours. Tell us which one you find the best and why. Also, share your experience with us, about your previous food processor or the one you just bought. We are always excited to know your views.

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