10 Best Induction Cooktop under 3000 in India 2021- buying guide

Nowadays, Induction cooktops are favored over gas stoves, mainly because of the hassle-free and less time-consuming process. 

You can easily control the temperature with these machines and also this helps in maintaining the nutrition of the food, as it does not overcook the ingredients. And also it is a very good power-saving device.

Best Induction Cooktop

There are a variety of options available in the market. Let’s have a look at the best ones under 3000.

best Induction Cooktop under 3000

Best Induction CooktopsPowerWarrantyView
Prestige PIC 20 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop1200 Watt1 yearview at
Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop2100 watt1 yearview at
Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise Induction Cooktop1800 watt1 yearview at
Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 Induction Cooktop2100 watt1 yearview at
Usha 1600 watt induction cooktop1600 watt1 yearview at
Prestige PIC 6.0 V3 Induction Cooktop2000 watt1 yearview at
V-Guard VIC-15 Induction Cooktop2000 watt1 yearview at
Havells Insta Cook PT Induction Cooktop1600 watt1 yearview at
Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 Induction Cooktop1900 watt1 yearview at
Philips HD4929 Induction Cooktop2100 watt1 yearview at

1. Prestige PIC 20 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop

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From one of the oldest players in the market, you can’t expect anything but the best. Also, it is a bonus point they offer a warranty and after-sales services. Along with its stylish looks that look like a glass plate with sensor buttons, it is capable of fast cooking. 

Best Induction Cooktop under 3000

It works on a motor of 1200W power. 

This product is user-friendly and very easy to use. Also, this machine comes with the timer option. 

Moreover, this machine comes with pre-set Indian Menu options, which makes the cooking easier and smoother.

It uses electromagnetic technology for safer cooking and also it comes with power saver technology, to reduce your electricity bill.

Warranty: 1 year

  • Comes with an anti-magnetic wall and power saver technology.
  • It comes with a voltage regulator.
  • It is easy to use and portable.
  • It comes with feature touch sensors.
  • It makes noise, during operation
  • It comes with a short wire, which lessens its flexibility.

2. Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop

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You don’t need any introduction to this brand. Philips has been in our kitchens since forever. 

The Viva collection of cooktops are the most popular and successful series of cooktops. It comes with a micro style plate and is compact.

It is a fully automatic system with 10 pre-set Indian Menu options. It will cook your food and shut down automatically after the cooking is done.

It comes with a 1.2-meter cord, which allows flexibility in the movement of the cooktop. 

The body is made of plastic and the top is made of glass gives it a stylish outlook and is also very easy to clean.

It comes with a LED display and a user manual, for easier use of the product.

It comes with a Delay start timer which ranges from 0 to 3 hours.

Warranty: 1 year.

  • It comes with a digital touch facility.
  • It uses a 2100W motor for high-efficiency performance, along with a high-quality glass panel.
  • It comes at a very affordable price.
  • Comes with a 6 preset Menu Option.
  • It produces noise while operating
  • It does not come with a voltage regulator to protect the appliance against electrical surges.

3. Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise Induction Cooktop

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Like any other brand on the list, Pigeon is a famous brand in India for the last few decades. They have been providing excellent terms at a very cheap price. 

It comes with a lot of important features. It comes with eight pre-set Menu options, designed specifically for Indian cuisines, in the attractive touch panel. 

It uses a motor of 2100W for faster processing of the food. 

This appliance comes with dual heat sensor technology, which makes it stand out from others. 

It is compact and does not take much space in your kitchen.

Warranty: 1 year

  • The surface area of the dive is quite large.
  • The top is made of glass, which gives it a smart and attractive outlook.
  • Along with pre-setting menu options, it also has settings for adjusting time and temperature manually.
  • It is a fully automated device, which operates on a 2100W motor.
  • It has a long life-span.
  • The digital touch control is pretty basic
  • It creates a lot of while operating
  • The company will not provide you any spare parts

4. Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 Induction Cooktop

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This is another one from the Viva collection of Philips. The main difference between this and the Viva HD4928/01 is that the former comes with 10 pre-set Menu options. 

With the full glass panel induction, you get a joyful experience. Electromagnetic technology provides fast cooking of the food and efficiently provides the results.

The fast cooking and the automatic temperature control maintain the food’s nutrition, without overcooking the ingredients. This is made mainly keeping the Indian cuisine in mind. It comes with a delayed start, which can be set for 0 to 3 hours.

A 2100W motor also powers it.

Warranty: 1 year

  • Philips provides good after-sales services.
  • It comes with an automatic shut off, which helps you in doing different chores.
  • It also has “cool-touch” technology, to prevent any burns.
  • It comes with a feature touch sensor.
  • It does not come with a voltage regulator.
  • It is a very pricey model.

5. Usha 1600 watt induction cooktop

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Usha is one of the biggest names in the field of kitchen appliances. Just recently, in 2018, it started manufacturing kitchen appliances, and they have already excelled in it.

What is attractive is its ceramic plate for even heating and the stylish outlook. It also comes with five pre-set Menu options, mainly based on Indian cuisines.

It comes with an extra-long(1.2) cord for flexibility in movement. 

Though it is a manual machine, it is powered with a 1600W motor for the best performance. It can work on four different power settings.

Warranty: 1 year

  • It has pan-sensor technology to shut off the machine when the vessel is removed automatically.
  • With only 1600W power consumption, it is quite energy-efficient.
  • It also has a timer adjuster option to cook your food accordingly
  • It has a voltage regulator embedded in it.
  • The product makes noise while operating.
  • The after-sales service is not very good.

6. Prestige PIC 6.0 V3 Induction Cooktop

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This PIC 6.0 V3 model is another milestone from the brand of Prestige. 

This machine is powered by 2000W, which helps in making the system work efficiently and at a faster rate too. 

Along with its good looks, the other attractive feature is its aerodynamic cooling system. 

This is also loaded with dual sensor technology for optimized heating and an automatic shut-off mechanism.

What’s more, is that it also has Indian cuisine’s pre-set menu, for hassle-free cooking. It automatically sets the time and temperature required, saving from wastage of energy. 

Warranty: 1 year

  • The touch sensors make the system very easy to use.
  • Also, 2000W allows the system to work very fast and provides good efficiency.
  • It has voltage regulators to save against electrical surges.
  • It also has an automatic shut off mechanism as well as “cool-touch” technology.
  • Customers have complained about the abrupt stopping of the device.

7. V-Guard VIC-15 Induction Cooktop

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This brand has always been known for making high-quality products along with the safety of the customers. 

This is a very powerful product with a 2000W motor and provides an enjoyable cooking experience. 

It has a seven-segment digital display component. Though it does not have any Indian pre-set Menu options, it has different(around seven) cooking process levels, and also it has Delay start options, which allows up to 4 hours of delay. 

Along with these features, it also has eight power settings and the top is made of glass polished with crystals and the heating coil is made of highly durable copper coil.

  • It comes with a preset function for setting the temperature and timer previously and then you can put the vessel and enjoy it.
  • It has four digits LED displays and also has a timer function.
  • The coil is made of durable copper material.
  • This is also loaded with automatic shut-off technology.
  • Only the stainless steel flat-bottom utensils can be used on the induction cooktop.

8. Havells Insta Cook PT Induction Cooktop

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It would be wrong if we haven’t mentioned the brand of Havells’. The best thing about this brand is that it takes appliances which are easier to use and maintain.

The machine works on one-touch technology and has a digital LED display for easy operation. 

It is also very easy to maintain, kudos to the ceramic top. It comes with a lot of features like automatic shut off at higher temperature, pan-detector to detect the removal and absence of vessel from the top, this helps in saving energy. 

It also has up to 3 hours delayed start function and comes with a 1.2-meter long cord for flexibility of movement for the machine. It comes with a motor of power 1600W. 

Warranty: 1 year

  • It has six different cooking modes, among which one is a manual mode with a timer function.
  • It comes with automatic shut-off, on no detection of pans or on overheating.
  • It is very convenient to use and maintain and also it is very stylish to look at.
  • It is compatible with a lot of materials.
  • It does not have touch sensor controls, all are push buttons
  • The machine requires a lot of time during its operation.

9. Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 Induction Cooktop

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Bajaj is another household name. You can’t go wrong with Bajaj. 

It is supported by one-touch technology and eight pre-set Menu options, for hassle-free cooking.

Along with automatic shut-off, it comes with a coating of anti-insecticide gel, for preventing cockroaches. 

It uses a 1900W motor to complete the work efficiently and has a manual timer and temperature adjustment options.

It comes with technology that does not start the heating until the vessel is placed on the cooktop. 

Warranty: 1 year

  • It comes with automatic shut off and protection against cockroaches.
  • It comes with super features, at a very affordable price.
  • The machine comes with a voltage regulator.
  • It comes with a user manual to understand the controls easily.
  • The pan detection can sometimes fail.
  • It produces noise while operating.
  • Only some specific utensils can be used.

10. Philips HD4929 Induction Cooktop

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This is also from the house of Philips, but not from the Viva collection. This is one of the best for its performance and design.

The cooktop is made of glass, which helps in easier cleaning and the body is made of plastic, so issues of electrocution. 

Also, this machine is heightened with stands, so there is ground clearance to avoid overheating. 

It comes with a user manual to help with the controls. 

It works on a 2100W motor.

Warranty: 1 year

  • It comes with eight power levels for cooking properly.
  • The delayed time can be set between 0 to 3 hours.
  • It has an auto shut off and “cool-touch” technology, for more convenience.
  • This has push buttons, which can be improved.

Factors to look for before buying an Induction Cooktop:


Although in this case, you are buying one below 3000, or else you should always keep in your mind the limit. The induction cooktops are valuable in varying prices ranging from 2,500 bucks to 25,000 bucks. Buy the one that has the maximum of features, within your budget.

Cooking zones:

Having more than one cooking zone increases your efficiency, as it allows you to cook more than one dish at a time on this eco-friendly device. Also if it has one, check for the size of the cooking area, typically it is around 21cm and that is a very reasonable choice.

Control panel:

Touch panel devices will cost you more than the pushbuttons, as the former is embedded within and is not damaged soon, moreover, it increases the aesthetics of the whole cooktop. This should always have the three settings- temperature, power, and pre-set buttons. 

Preset Menu Options:

This option helps in a hassle-free operation, as the temperature and the time are pre-determined, helping in easier use. It is better to go for the device having a more pre-set option.

Additionally, check for other technologies like automatic shut-off, pan-detection, voltage regulator, safety sensors, and many more. The more features it has, the merrier it will be for you.


Though there are many options available, it is better to know your requirements and buy the one you need.

The Philips induction cooktops are the best ones in the market. And among them, Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01, is the one you should go for.

Its main advantage over others is its 10 pre-set Indian Menu options, for having a truly hassle-free experience. 

Tell us about your experience.

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