10 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder in India 2021- buying guide

There are plenty of juicers available for those who regularly choose to eat homemade food. You could pick the most economical and flexible choice—a juicer blender, a centrifugal juice, or a cold press juicer.

Although cold press juicers are the most expensive form, they also sustain a long cycle of full nutrition and juice freshness. On the other hand, a juicer mixer grinder is essentially a central-fugal juicer with jars and fittings, which allows it to use it as a daily mixer. 

Best Juicer Mixer Grinder

In terms of buying Mixer Grinders online, you should continuously check for many critical highlights. If you are confused to select the perfect one for your kitchen, check this article to know more about the best juicer mixer grinders.

Best Juicer Mixer Grinders in india

Best Juicer Mixer GrindersPowerWarrantyView
Sujata Powermatic Juicer Mixer Grinder900 Watts1 yearview at
WonderChef Nutri Blend Mixer Grinder400 watts2 yearview at
Inalsa 650 – Watt Mixer Grinder650 watts5 yearview at
Philips Viva Juicer Mixer Grinder700 watts2 yearview at
Bajaj Majesty JX Mixer Grinder450 watts2 yearview at
Preeti Zodiac Mixer Grinder750 watts5 yearview at
Singer Peppy Delite Juicer Mixer Grinder500 Watts N/Aview at
Orient Electric 450 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder450 watts2 yearview at
Fogger 500 Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder500 watt1 yearview at
 Prestige Delight 750 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder750 watt2 yearview at

1. Sujata Powermatic Juicer Mixer Grinder

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Sujata is one brand that deals with commercially classified juicer mixer grinders that work and are capable of handling jar volume. Sujatha Powermatic Plus Juicer Mixer Grinder has a 900-watt motor and two jars and is an efficient centrifugal mixer for domestic and commercial purposes. The mixer grinder works successfully with little problems for years due to the double ball-bearing engine.

It can be continuously run for 90 minutes and is therefore ideal for commercial purposes when defining the juicer part. We can quickly render carrots, beetroot, apple, and other hard fruits and vegetables. However, when it comes to citrus juice, the fruit should be useful, but from the crushed seed, the juice tastes sour. The mesh has a framework with a wave filter, which provides a high yield.

If you’re washing the juicer, the first few attempts can be quite tricky, so it’s relatively straightforward when you get to pick up the attachment. Sujatha Powermatic Mixer Grinder can be a perfect choice if it comes with a chutney jar. In general, the device is stable and can run without problems in the long run, making it an excellent alternative for families of 4 to 5 members.

  • Powerful engine
  • Honeycomb filter
  • Continuous operation
  • A bit noisy

2. WonderChef Nutri Blend Mixer Grinder

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Wonderchef’s Nutri mix extracts any drop from the immunity that strengthens the antioxidants, discomfort that activates omega 3S, vitamins & minerals, and proteins. It offers you a rich and merely absorbable nutrient. Relish several Masala bindings, wraps, salads, and mixtures. It includes a robust 400W engine that is grinding and blending your ingredients in a matter of seconds. Also, it comes with two jars for mixing and juicing purposes.

The power absorbs 400 watts, and the engine is very high, which grinds any food in the jar and provides you with safe and proven juices. The concept is fantastic and is a multifunctional system that requires combining different ingredients. You have reversible and translucent jars to use with the Wonderchef juicer mixer grinder for various purposes. Most women use India’s best juicer, so protection is critical. The juicer from Wonderchef is perfectly healthy and can use t with great apprehension.

It fits with two sharp blades so that the user can use the edges as per requirement. You can do it quite effectively—no need for buttons or switches. Hence, the product is fantastic and straightforward to use, but there is no choice of color.

  • Interchangeable jars
  • Fast Motor
  • Only suitable for small quantity

3. Inalsa 650 – Watt Mixer Grinder

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When you look at a juicer or a food processor but think about the power it will use, this Inalsa Fiesta Mixer Grinder 650 watt is an intelligent choice. This system uses only 650W and runs with 220-240 volts standard. It comes with an attached kneader and an egg whisker so that you can enjoy fast, stress-free foods ready in a reasonably short period. The speed of the juicer mixer grinder with the pulse switch can operate with the 3-speed.

The multifunctional Inalsa features advanced features that ease and interest your mold. It has everything that a woman wants. Many women must marinate the connection hard, but this Inalsa has a very excellent kneading method. 

Inalsa juicer mixer grinder is an all-in-one hero. This blender is useful in India for all sorts of things, such as grinding, shredding, chopping, juice, etc. It comes fitted with a 650-watt engine to grind easily. You can quickly wash it without any hassle after you use the grinder. Inalsa focuses on consistency, and it has a toughness in stainless steel.

  • Overload protection
  • Good quality blades
  • No Citrus Juicer attachment

4. Philips Viva Juicer Mixer Grinder

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The Philips Viva HL717 juicer grinder is fitt with a 700-watt motor, including a full kit including a chutney jar, mixer jar, and dry jar. A clip-on lock for the juicer attachment allows for secure operation. The juicer is fine for hard and soft fruits/vegetables but not as powerful as Sujatha Powermatic.

Many consumers, however, note that the left pulp on the sauté is not entirely dried and must be pushed through the sieve to remove the juice in its whole, which defeats the intent of the sauté. It may also be a little boring to clean the juicer—but that is normal with most centrifugal juicers.

The juicer mixer grinder includes an anti-skid foot. The chutney container is about 300 ml, the dry jar is roughly 1 L, and the mixer is 1.5 L. However, a downside is that plastic is not so durable on the bottom of the jars. It might grow cracks if you don’t carefully use it.

Another thing to remember when you purchase this juicer is to look for the Philips Service Center nearby because certain cities have no Service Center.

  • Powerful motor
  • Automatic Cut-off feature
  • Clip-on lock
  • No lid locks

5. Bajaj Majesty JX Mixer Grinder

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The Bajaj Majesty JX Mixer Grinder is a budget-friendly choice for a family consisting of 4-5 members. It is a value for money that takes into account the functions and prices of the wallet. It has a 450-watt engine and can only be useful for fast grinding and juicing of soft fruit/veggies.

The blender comes with anti-skid feet. It can work at two speeds and also has a pulse option. The mixer grinder has two jars. The big polycarbonate container is 1.5 L long, and the smaller one is 1 L long.

Overall, this option is only suitable when you need a grinder for cooking at a minimum and sometimes make juices.

  • Anti-skid feet
  • Powerful engine
  • Suitable for minimal use.

6. Preeti Zodiac Mixer Grinder

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Preeti Zodiac Mixer Grinder has no juicer attachment, like the other juicers. The 3 in 1 insta Juicer jar, however, is pretty useful in juicing fruits such as apple, grapes, and pomegranate, and vegetables such as carrot and beetroot.

The Master Chef Jar can be used for kneading, cutting, and cutting, while the other 3 Jar is useful for all other dry and wet grinding applications. Hence, the 750-watt blender grinder is a full package that can perform all pre-mechanical operations in the kitchen.

  • 3-in-1 Juicer
  • Powerful motor
  • No juicer attachment

7. Singer Peppy Delite Juicer Mixer Grinder

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The Singer Peppy Delite can have both strength and functionality for you. The characteristics provided by this Singer juicer mixer grinder are impressive. It comes with the engine overload protection system, which prevents the engine from overheating and degrading in due course. 

The control of the user will ensure at three different operating speeds along with the pulse transfer. The jars which the Singer Peppy has supplied are also giant.

  • 3-speed settings
  • Overload protector
  • Build quality requires improvement

8. Orient Electric 450 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder

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The Orient Electric 450 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder with its 450w engine provides the genuinely dominant output and the perfect uniformity in the juice you produce.

It comes with a specially planned stainless steel juicing filter that will make all smoothies, juices, milkshakes, and many other drinks conveniently accessible for you to enjoy any time you use them. This system also contains special blades to ensure no trace is left after the materials are blended.

  • Incher Function
  • Overload motor protection.
  • The body turns yellow over time.

9. Fogger 500 Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

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Fogger 500 Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder is another juicer mixer grinder from Fogger’s house in the budget category. The Fogger 500W JMG is a lightweight and rigid kitchen gadget for developing different ingredient styles in your run-of-the-mill Kitchen. 

The jars of this mixer are made of plastic and stainless steel and have extra power, which also protects the long-term use of any form of rushing. Also, the vacuum foot of the grinder can hold the machine steady during service. Two separate jars allow multipurpose operations in your kitchen to use it for different purposes.

  • Transparent liquidating jar
  • Twin-blade arrangement
  • Noisy

10.  Prestige Delight 750 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder

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The Prestige Delight 750 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder is the final juicer blender alternative in the list, including a lasting nature and high-quality efficiency even when grinding the most challenging materials. The all-new Prestige Juicer Mixer Grinder is available to us, covering the entire spectrum of grinding conditions, and is impressive on each occasion.

This JMG was powered by a dominant 750W engine that is exemplary of real versatility and is capable of molding dry as well as wet ingredients without a problem. You can prepare the wonderful chutneys as side dishes, along with the pulverized masala, to make various curries without effort with prestige Delight Plus.

  • Powerful Motor
  • Efficient blades
  • Overload Protection
  • Few issues with build-quality

Buying Guide

What is a Juicer Mixer Grinder?

A Juicer mixer grinding machine is a kitchen gadget to juice, combine, mix and grind. This unit is a blender that has the additional feature of fruit or veggie juice preparation. The team consists of a long-term motor that satisfies all of your planning needs. They typically contain three jars, which come with the juicer mixer grinders. They manufacture with polycarbonate or stainless steel material.

What is the use of Juicer Mixer Grinder?

This machine is much better than conventional instruments and techniques. It makes crushing fruits much more comfortable and makes them much fresher. Mixing and manual grinder is such a painful process, and it takes a long time to do so. It saves time and does perform even more than the case of a mixer grinder. There are just a few minutes until we serve a freshly brewed juice. It is a highly efficient unit with its speed and efficiency of grinding. Some foods are useful with a mixer to cut and smooth, such as fruits and other chutneys.

The use of juicers is not so often, so it is long-lasting and operates without harm for many years. Many versions are available in several sizes, from mini juicers to big juicers. They are so small and light so that you can shift them comfortably.

Types of Juicer Mixer Grinders

Stand Mixers:

It is a versatile instrument that blends hard and simple ingredients under the category of mixing. These batters and whipping creams are useful in batter preparation. This kind of mixer process requires the gear system. It is also helpful to crush herbs to obtain preferred spices.

Juice Press:

It is a unique savory that produces fresh juice with two stages. It has milk with pulp initially, and then the juice is made without paste after extraction. It is called “Press,” and it removes the pulp with thousands of pounds of heat.

Mixer Grinder:

This form is a mixer and grinder hybrid. Both functions now merge into one unit. It is useful to blend and smear various foodstuffs. When doing multiple activities, you need different pots, one for sauces and the other for powders.

All in One Unit:

This one separates itself from other kinds of juicing or molding machines as it comes with three functions. The additional element of a single unit is juicing. They both come with a different container of polycarbonate or stainless steel.

Factors to consider before purchasing a Juicer Mixer Grinder

Currently, everybody pays attention to their wellbeing and decides to turn their life around. By repairing our kitchen and adding the right equipment, we get safe. A mixer grinder is an essential part of every household here in modern times. A good juicer mixer grinder is needed to prepare spice and make the most of the fruit. Because of its versatility, which can deal with various foods, this will be the best kitchen appliance. This is an instrument that makes cooking much easier regularly. However, you can prefer a variety of alternatives, and it may be very frustrating. To buy a grinder, either for a home cooking company or for the food sector, you need to consider a few essential factors.


The power is an important aspect to determine the device’s speed and efficiency. An efficient juicer can also accommodate heavier loads without overheating or burning.

The power and wattage of the unit represent the power of the generator. The higher the power of the machinery, the higher the engine control will raise the load. The 550 to 600W juicer grinder is ideally better suitable for domestic use for Indian grinding needs.

You must note that something over 500W can be very amusing at work. You must pick the 600W system, and if you need to make 2 liters of juice simultaneously, buy a commercial machine that provides wattage beyond the 750-1000W range to create the pulses batter or hard grinds in larger lots.


The speed comes with more turns per minute and can finish the grinding in even less time with more impetus for the juicer. Again, it generates a disruption at a faster speed, which affects the internal components. Continue to have more resistance to normal RPM.

The higher the RPM of the cutting blades, the more the engine of the unit is dominant. In a short time, higher RPM turns into an extra ingredient. However, the higher RPM has a couple of drawbacks that take heat and noise growth into account. So you can produce more heat with higher speeds and more RPM, but that reduces engine life.


A lightweight and smooth appliance that is comfortable will be an excellent option for a small family inside a community. A slender tower purpose or those typical L form style is a fair & steady range for home-usage. The problem with a gravely intended system is that it heats up pretty quickly. On the other hand, the thin tower-style comprises its merit that it’s a lesser hassle to clean. Look for an easy to clean kind after grinding and juicing.


It would help if you looked at the safety issues of earthing, cutting, and protecting power cables while purchasing the juicer mixer grinding unit. Companies may negotiate the consistency of these low prices. This causes the power lines to be scratched, leading to electrical shocks.

Overload Protection

This factor is also mandatory, and you should verify for sure. There are times where you may overburden the unit a fraction, which can cause issues like engine burnout. Overload security can offer you a circuit breaker that blocks the circuit when the computer is overloading. The defining relay, the circuit breaker, has been given that works in the same way as the regular fuses mounted in your home.


It must use less energy with high-quality grinding. Performance in specific ways is based on the amount of electricity consumed every day. Reduce the energy costs by choosing a more dependable mechanical juicer blender.

Noise level

It should be quiet when grinding, but when driving, several versions are very loud. Therefore, investing in a juicer, making less noise, is a plus. The only way to go for soundless juicers is to put aside any annoyance with the sounds.

Additional features

Two key things to search for in a blender are the Auto-Shut-Off and Stable Lock mechanism. The automated feature helps avoid injury, which ensures more excellent protection through a stable lock.


Each model has a lot of features and might not be beneficial for others. So, pick certain features that are useful before you purchase. Many brands, such as Phillips, Bajaj, and Havell, have Rupees 5000 items, and the price can be as high as 9,000 rupees. Try to stick to a budget and bring joy to your juicer blender.


Your appliance must have the assurance to keep your juicer grinder in your kitchen for several years. Often the blades get broken too much; it is safer than selecting a manufacturer to support physical damage during the warranty duration. Various producers give a limited guarantee of 2 years for up to 5 years.


Well, what you must note is to get safe with a high-quality juicer blender. You need nutrient-enriched food to keep you fit and safe. Therefore, you must buy this product to do this. Re-check requirements such as several jars, size, dual or single-use, and RPM. It would help if you made the decision based on the use and need. Check them in shops and compare some samples before shopping. Follow our list of the best juicer mixer grinder for more information.

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