10 best Mini Mixer Grinder in India 2021 – buying guide

‘What attracts is quality, what attracts more is duality’

These days, Every single house requires various appliances for multi-purposes. People have started to try out various healthy recipes that they can cook within minutes. For easy and less time taking recipes, they search for something, an appliance that can fit in their kitchen corner, can come within a suitable budget and can do fast and efficient work in mixing, blending and grinding the required ingredients. Having a mixer grinder that is kitchen friendly, pocket friendly as well as does multi-functional tasks is all that one can ever wish for while making food. 

Mini Mixer Grinder

Just as big size multi jar mixer grinders are perfect for big families or lots of cooking. Mini mixer grinders are perfect for less number of people. For anyone who requires just a basic cooking appliance. Though it ensures to be multi-functional at the time of urgency or sudden plans. 

Looking for a handy use mini size mixer grinder? Look no more. Here are some of the best picks for which will glow up your kitchen space. It’s friendly as well as multi-functional usage, Special with blades and providing the best of results. You will enjoy making food with the help of any of these. As it ensures to provide the best of performances and is designed in a way to fit your kitchen. 

best Mini Mixer Grinder in india 

1. XCCESS mini-mixer 200 Juicer Mixer Grinder

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This mini mixer grinder is of high quality. With 200watts. This mixer grinder is designed in a way to do heavy-duty work efficiently. Some jars are easy to fit the mixer grinder. It also consists of the blade which is of stainless steel and is rust free to ensure no dust can cover it. 

best Mini Mixer Grinder

Its handles are of easy and very comfortable grip. Its motos are powerful which is strong enough to perform the task perfectly. Its lightweight makes it easy to be carried anywhere. It is designed in a manner to fit any kitchen corner easily.

  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Multifunctional
  • Low wattage

2. GLEN Mini Mixer Grinder

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It is a multi-functional mini mixer grinder. Efficient to do the multi-purpose rendering from spices and ingredients to coffee beams. It can efficiently do fast grinding. Its lids are designed as transparent for clear visibility. As this way, the user doesn’t have to open the jar, again and again, to check if the grinding or mixing is done correctly or not. 

In the front of the mixer grinder is a one-step regulator to monitor its speed. Which is easy to reach and its knob is easy to regulate. It’s the jar and its blade are stainless steel. Its blade is rest free. This mini mixer grinder takes less space wherever you place it and will attract the aura of the kitchen.

  • Transparent lid
  • Multifunctional
  • Fast grinding
  • Small jar

3. Lee star 400-watt grinder

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This mixer grinder ensures to take proper care of all your grinding and mixing work. It is designed perfectly to provide it’s user best of quality results. It’s the jar and its blade are made of stainless steel. To ensure no rust or dirt to stick around it. It is easy to clean and high in its performance. Its motor is powerful and can efficiently do the high grinding task. 

This mixer grinder ensures to let you forget all your worries related to grinding. It is so powerful that it can grind anything and everything from all type of spices to nuts to other ingredients as well. It ensures of one year warranty to guarantee it’s durability and long term effective usage. 

  • Fast grinding
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to use
  • The burning smell might come.

4. Lee star 400-watt blender grinder

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This Lee star blender grinder is fit to shine in your kitchen like a star. This appliance provides you with a basic motor unit, easy to use and efficient in doing the task. Lee star comes with a super wattage of 400 watts which is powerful and sufficient in doing the speedy grinding and blending. 

The product comes with a one-year product warranty as well as 2 years of motor warranty to ensure it’s buyers of it’s the safest use and long-lasting durability. Parts of this appliance which consists of stainless steel jar, with auto-locking system of its lids, stainless and ruthless blade. All these parts are of good quality and will provide you with the best of experience. 

  • Self-locking lid
  • Good wattage
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Durable
  • Can overheat fast

5. GLEN 350-watt mini blender and Grinder

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GLEN has succeeded in providing good quality and price worthy products for its buyers. It has successfully innovated many kitchen days today use appliances. Made many kitchen environments easy and comfortable by providing handy and durable appliances. Its innovations have been always helpful for kitchen usage. 

This mini blender and grinder are of 350wattage which ensures to go the required task in less time. Will provide fast and perfect results to its users. It consists of a transparent lid for clear visibility of what is grinding or blending inside, and transparent bowl. 

It comes with one year warranty of the product which includes it’s grinder and blending jar. This ensures that the product will be durable for a good time. This product is ideally used for small quality use. It’s turning on/off switch is right in front to provide the user with an easy reach. 

  • Consist of a fruit filter
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Superfast grinding
  • Button to control its processing.
  • Made of Plastic

6. Wonderchef Nutri-blend 400watt juicer mixer grinder

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Wonderchef comes with this Nutri-blend juicer mixer grinder with superpower wattage of 400watts. Which ensures speedy and super fast blending and grinding. This appliance is designed to leave the buyer is only one kind of wonder and that is ‘wonderful’ 

These days people prefer a single appliance to be of multiple-use. Which is why buying this will be a great idea. As it ensures to occupy less space in your kitchen slab and provide you with its multi-functional benefits. 

This product is filled with multiple benefits. Whatever a buyer can search for. He can find it within it. As it consists of two sets of the jar as well as two sets of stainless steel blades. These are designed to be different to keep the user out of any confusion. x

This mixer grinder is perfect for healthy and nutritious cooking. It is elegant in look and will ensure to add on the perfect look in your kitchen slab. You can easily place it at a specific spot and it will stay stick to its ground and can be easily moved from place to place. 

  • Dual-use blade and jars.
  • Bulk food processing
  • multi-purpose usage
  • Might give a burning smell.

7. Prestige Express Mixer Grinder

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It’s very first feature is its quality to save space. As it is designed in a way that it will fit small spaces easily. It can be used for making smoothies, juices and even chutneys. 

Its wattage is of 350watts ensures to work faster and do power work. It’s convenient and can be easily cleaned. It consists of 2 lids. These lids are sufficiently tight to ensure no leakage. It comes with a 1-year warranty to ensure the buyers of its durability. 

  • Space-saving
  • Comes with an extra lid for storage purposes.
  • Easy to clean
  • Might not work in the starting
  • Can be used only for light shakes.

8. Supreme Mall Mixer Grinder

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This mixer grinder will give classic look to your kitchen slab. As it’s designed is attractive and gives a pleasing appearance. 

This mixer grinder is of 300watts ensuring to give a powerful performance. Its handles are easy to grip. It can hold up to 1.5L capacity. The jars assure to be of good quality. It can perform multi-functional tasks. Finding all in a single product is a benefit one cannot miss. 

  • Can do grinding, mixing and chopping.
  • Holds good capacity
  • Can perform various functions.
  • Made of Plastic

9. La’ Forte Vitte Cherie Mixer Grinder

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This mixer grinder comes with an attractive body and design which will give your kitchen a merry look. It is easy to use and easy to clean. Its lightweight makes the user very comfortable in carrying it from place to place. That is; it is easily moveable. 

This mixer grinder comes with multiple jars and twin blades each for different usage. Jars are of three different sizes, which can be used according to the need to capacity. Its lids are also of strong grip and its blades are of two different styles which are used according to the need. These blades are easily detachable and replaceable with other blades. 

Its motor is of pure copper material which is better for any mixer grinder. This motor is strong enough to be used for multi-purposes. 

  • Multifunctional.
  • Is of Lightweight
  • The motor is of copper material
  • Don’t have an on/off switch

10. BMS Lifestyle Nutri-Blend 450 Watts Mixer Grinder

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For a healthy and happy diet. This is a great pick. Its multi-purpose will surely fulfil all your requirements to achieve your diet plan. It’s effective grinding and blending features are sufficient to provide you best of the experience. It can grind various ingredients including spices, nuts, coffee beans. You can make a yummy strawberry shake, juices or other protein shake easily with it’s help. 

It ensures to be of safe use. As with its single-touch usage, it is easy to be used. You won’t have to struggle much while operating it. It’s inserted blades are of the highest quality as of 304 grade. Which is sharp and is of professional use. From juices to smoothies, to grinding your spices or other ingredients. It is there to satisfy all your requirements. Perfect for a party mood as well as for a daily purpose. 

It comes with one year warranty which ensures it’s good durability. It takes less time to perform its task as consist of 450 wattages. 

It will beautify the look of your kitchen. It’s easy to detach and easy to clean quality makes it an amazing pick.

  • Easy to clean
  • Good for making smoothies
  • Less time. consuming
  • High wattage
  • It can carry less capacity.

All these options are good to go for. Thoroughly read about each one of these and always keep yourself open for new welcoming options. Go for something which fits your cooking needs and is of good quality. 

Things to consider while buying a mini mixer grinder: 

Every product or appliance that you buy, comes with certain features and usage. Which is must to be considered before buying. A buyer must ensure to check with the seller, every single feature about an appliance. A buyer must ensure to keep his requirements clearly in front of the seller. So that the seller can accordingly filter out some of the best options which can satisfy the buyer’s every need. 

Few of the things that are needed to be considered before and while buying a mini mixer grinder is as followed: 


Every mixer grinder comes with a specific wattage. A mixer grinder’s wattage is the very first feature that one must check. The higher the wattage, the better will be it’s grinding. A mini micer grinder, though it is mini, still requires at least wattage of above 400. Any mini mixer grinder with the latest wattage of 440watts is usually preferred more. 


Speed tells the efficiency of a mixer grinder. It tells us how fast and speedy a mixer grinder can work. As when the pressure is high, when the speed is good, it can grind or mix better. 


Any products warranty or Guaranteed by the seller is very essential. As a products guarantee tells about its durability and assures us that it will last longer. Since any buyer wishes to buy only those products which are of good durability. 


One must look for the product which comes with the right price. A price that satisfies buyer budget and matches the worth of the product. 


Any mixer grinder’s one of the very essential functional parts is its blade. The sharpness of the blade tells us about its capability of doing the required task. More and more shape the blade, more it will be efficient in grinding the ingredients into small bits. 


Every product has its quality. Any product with quality assures the buyer that the product is strong and durable. As for mixer grinders, the quality of Jar, it’s lidded, handle, it’s blades. All these parts should be of high quality. 


Jar is that part of the mixer grinder which holds all your ingredients. Which is why knowing about its capacity and letting the seller know about the capacity that you are looking for, is very essential. 


These days new brands have started to come up. Trying a new brand is a good thing but always see both sides of everything. Don’t always go with the first most options. Scroll down, go deeper, search and research and then decide what is best for you. As much as new brands are providing the best service, so is already established ones. 

One must look for a mini mixer grinder which comes with these mentioned features and can assure the quality of the appliance. 

Conclusion : 

Now it is easy to find a mixer grinder according to your demand and requirement. All that you have to be pre-prepared with is to decide what features you are looking for in a mixer grinder. Never have a decision made in a hurry. Always discuss, read descriptions and then decide accordingly. Go for something quality product as well as the long-lasting appliance. No one would wish for something which needs to be repaired again and again. So when you decide to pick a mixer grinder, make sure that it be the best and the right decision. 

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