BEST ROTI MAKER in India 2021 – buying guide

A household in India that does not have roti is quite unknown. It can be considered a staple dish for the people here. Roti is a very popular and filling dish everywhere in India. But the job of making that perfect circular roti, which every elderly wish from their younger ones, is a very tedious job.


So to give a bit of relief to such people, the roti maker, also known as “chapati maker”, was invented, to make your job a lot less stressful. With this kitchen appliance, you can make soft rotis easily and quickly too. This is a very cool kitchen appliance, especially for those who want to spend as much as less time possible in the kitchen. This allows you to have a partially hand free experience. Also, this machine helps in making the rotis, without making any mess in the kitchen, neither does it require any extra flour for rolling out the rotis. And what’s more, it even allows an amateur at cooking to make perfectly unburnt rotis.

Are you also one of those people who are tired of rolling out the dough, again and again, to obtain the right shape of the roti, this roti maker is the perfect solution to all your troubles. Also, if there are a lot of people at your home or there is a celebration at your place, this roti maker will work as your extra hands in preparing the rotis. This easy to use machine has a lot of benefits and features. Some of the features of the roti makers are-

A curved base –

With the help of a curved base, it is easier to carry out the work, as the base ensures that the dough turns out to be round and puffed up properly.

Adjustable temperature-

With this feature, you can use it just like a gas stove’s options of dimming the flame and changing the heat provided accordingly. The main purpose of the regulation of temperature is to keep in check the safety and also it helps in knowing when the roti making is complete and is ready to be taken out.

These two are the most eye-catching features of a tool, which is quintessential in the temporary kitchens, along with some other features, which are mentioned below. 

There has been this age-long debate between the millennials and the Gen Z, where the millennials prefer to have those hand-rolled rotis. Say it tastes much better because of the love that the maker puts in making them, although not really a proven fact, many people are not exactly welcoming to this invention. Whereas Gen Z is the fast-moving people, wanting everything to be done fast and this is the best invention for them. Also, it is like the art of making a circular roti, instead of making India’s map, was not passed down during the evolution somehow. With all the conclusion fewer debates going on, we would like to provide a very diplomatic solution, when in hurry and also when in no mood to do much physical labor, or not wanting to clean the kitchen after making a mess while making roti, it is feasible to use a roti maker, which makes perfect rotis in a minimum amount of time with even cooking at all the places. But if you have time and can carry out physical labor, go for the age-old hand-rolled roti making and cooking on a flame heated Tawa.

Also, it has been seen it is particularly in demand, among the youngsters, who are living alone and want to make their meals rather than buying it from outside.

Features for why a roti maker is better than the authentic method-

Non-stick coating-

This feature ensures that the wet dough, which is generally much wetter than that used in handmade ones, does not stick to the base and allows proper cleaning seamlessly.

Power display

This power indicator is of great help. If you do not know when your roti is going to be done, this display, which works as an on/ off button, signals you making you know that the roti is done and ready to be taken out.

Less time-consuming-

This tool makes the wish of having the job done with a snap, a reality. This tool is just the best, you get your job done quickly, without having to spend much money on it, as we know that the high amount we spend on gas cylinders and making us save some money. So we can say that buying a roti maker is a win-win situation.


as it happens all the time, from binding a dough to the last step of plating the rotis, is a very messy step and the cleaning of the same, a much tedious job. This machine more or less provides relief to that. Put the dough in the machine and you need no other utensil or kitchen equipment. Also operating the roti maker requires much lesser space and the process is simple and compact. Just one tool and everything is done.

No pressure on your hands-

Your mom or dad makes this process of roti making look so simple, but you try once and will see how tremendous amount of physical labor it requires. Also making a roti, the rolling out process requires a special type of skill, with applying pressure with your knuckles. And roti makers solve that problem too. The roti maker is so easy to use, that it can be used by people of any age and with any level of experience. 

High Nutrition –

Although this is not a factual fact, some people believe that the heat reaches all the parts consistently which makes the rotis fully healthy and very nutritious. Also, it checks the roti not being under-cooked and is well baked, making the roti highly nutritional, supposedly. Also, it is free from usage of bare hands, making them more hygienic already.

The main difference in the roti made by hands and through a roti maker is that using the latter, will have even heating, making the rotis more soft and desirable.

Although it is possible for the roti makers to even crack the rotis from the mid, if the instructions are followed properly, then you are bound to get the perfect rotis. Also the cleaning of this tool, very simple, you just need lukewarm water and detergents and wipe it clean. Make sure to clean the surface until it appears clean.

The popularity of roti makers is increasing day by day in India and you must have heard about it somewhere too. So what are you waiting for? Grab your own roti maker today. 

Buying something new always gets you into confusion about which to buy and from where to buy. 

So we bring the factors to consider before buying a roti maker, as there are so many options available in the market, from the top brands-

Should you buy a roti maker?

Roti makers are pretty easy to work with and it also makes your work easier and also it makes you perfectly circular rotis. Roti makers easily convert the dough balls into flat rotis. What you have to do is, put the dough ball in between the Tawa/ griddle and put pressure on it using the lid( usually not more than two seconds), then open the lid and let the roti cook for ten to fifteen seconds. And voila! Your roti is ready, without putting much pressure on your hands.

There are a lot of people, who even blame the roti maker for not making proper rotis. Well rather than blaming it is better to read the instruction and do it accordingly. It’s just like computer programming, you feed the proper instructions, you get the desired result. The making of a proper roti depends mainly on your skills and also some practice. Take your time and practice rather than just giving up. It might help you in the long run. Also, it has been wrongly known to some people that rotis differ from one roti maker to another. There is no such thing.

The purposes it shall be used for:

Nowadays, the roti makers are capable of making rotis as well as paranthas. Also, the making of the roti out of the dough is not a power-consuming process, that is, it does not require current to make flat rotis. It is up to you if you want to cook that on the roti maker or the old Tawa using flames. You can also make khakhra with the help of a roti maker and puri and papads as well.

Did you know that this roti maker can be used to make dosa? No? Well, we will tell you how, just close the lid of the roti maker without putting much pressure in it, while keeping the dosa batter in between the, this will give you soft and fluffy dosas. So a typical roti maker will give you the best value for the money.

It is definitely better to know all the useful functionality of the roti maker, before buying it.


Hit and trial is not something you can do in the case of the roti makers. Since it is directly related to food, which we consume without further cooking or baking, you should go for a reputable brand, as you would not want to have some harmful fumes in your food. Moreover, it is known that if the brand is popular and reputed, it is bound to have good client service and support. And as there are so many reputed brands in the market, the choice might be a difficult one to make, so we are here to show you some of the best and help you select from them.

Make sure the brand has a good reputation and also their servicing center is nearby too because you wouldn’t want to go a lot of distance just to repair your roti maker.

Also, check the warranty period provided by the brands. Though one year warranty on the roti maker is sufficient, there is no harm in having more than that, so you can always go to the brands providing two years warranty.

Size and material of the tawa/ griddle:

The tawa should have a balanced heat distribution, and for the same, the tawa should be made of forged aluminum which is known for the balanced heat distribution. It should be coated with non-stick material with some non-removable coating techniques, so that it is not removed easily, to reduce the need for oil and to avoid sticking the wet dough to the surface. The tawa is available for various sizes and the best one to be used is eight to ten inches in the market, to make one millimeter evenly thick rotis. Make sure the material it is made of is durable and does not corrode with time and the inner part is made of food-grade material and should be easy to clean.

You sometimes want to take them outdoors, make sure it is made of lightweight material so that they are easy to carry anywhere.

The last thing, it is important that it should come with a non-skid bottom, to ensure that it does not slip while using it.

Indicator light:

The on/ off indicator light is quite a necessity, the basic thing you should look for in your roti maker. Although, not many brands in the market provide this feature. But some brands come with this on/ off indicator light. As implementing this technology costs more, so the cheaper brand’s roti makers generally do not have this. But it is better to spend a bit more and avoid any future accidents. Also, it helps in indicating what is happening inside the roti maker.

Outer body:

The outer body is shockproof with a non-heating handle, is the best outer body. It is an essential function that needs to be checked before buying. The shockproof body helps save us from any accidental electrical leakage. Especially during the rainy season or wet climate, or by mistake using it by keeping on a wet surface, this shock proofing is a great necessity as it might cause serious damage through electrical leakage. It is good to check this feature before buying, though many manufacturers have started providing it. 

As you may have experienced in many other electrical food appliances, the heating of the outer body, it is good to check that the handle does not feel hot, while holding it during usage. So it is absolutely important to buy the brand product whose handle does not heat during usage to not feel any discomforts while using it, due to its cooling feature.

So always check the safety instructions before buying it and bringing it to your kitchen.

Power utilization:

It is good to be sure that the product you are buying is helping you reduce the cost and the efforts going into making rotis. It is for the best if the heating surface can reach up to the temperature of 425 degrees Fahrenheit or around 220 degrees celsius. Along with this factor, the size of the tawa or the griddle and material used for casting determines the power input required by the roti maker. So a ten inches tawa will require approximately 900 watts and 250 watts for the cover. It is a piece of the necessary information to be known or else, you might get unneeded high electricity bills.

To buy online or offline:

Although, you might feel, going to your usual shop, might give you an extended guarantee from the uncle, but it is good to remember that the warranty or guarantee is given by the brand only. Moreover, online you will get a lot more options to select from and also there you will get better deals and discounts on roti makers. So it is preferable to buy online with good deals and guarantees. Buying a roti maker online ensures that you are not spending much and it is within your budget too.


When you are going to buy something for the first time, you always feel the need to know how it is, from someone who is already using it or may have used it in the past. So, reading the online reviews and knowing its rating is an important factor for buying any appliances. Also, it is better to look for the positive reviews more, rather than the negative ones on any online shopping site, as the negative reviews are generally due to no proper following of the instructions or just unfortunate incidents. 

best ROTI MAKERS in india:

1. BAJAJ VACCO®”Go-Ezzee” Chapati/Roti maker

check price at amazon

You say kitchen appliances and don’t get the best product from the house of Bajaj, that is so not possible. This manufacturer has left its mark for the last six decades. Their products are cost-effective, simple, and elegant, along with that they have markets all over the country.

This roti maker can not just be used for making round and soft rotis, but can be used for making khakhras, puris, papads, and even kulchas! A truly multifunctional roti maker.

It is good to notice that the outer body is made of shockproof material and the handles are made of ABS plastic supported with the cool-touch feature, which makes sure that materials can withstand higher temperatures. 

You can only find good features in this product, not a single negative point.

This tool has LED power indicator lights( on/ off), comes with an auto shut-off feature too, which means it ceases working when it becomes overheated, and is very easy to use. It is compact and pretty portable, so you can get soft and round rotis anywhere you want.

They also come with a non-stick tawa which is made of aluminum and coated with non-stick Teflon so that the dough does not stick to the plates during cooking, making it easier to clean. They also have a stainless steel body to ensure the longevity of the product. 

It is also a much healthier option as you do not have to drench your paratha in oil while cooking, just brushes up the tawa and uses it diligently. 

After the cooking is done, it is best to switch off the power supply and clean it after use.

This product comes with an instruction manual and has a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Helps you maintain a healthier way of cooking by making use of less oil during the procedure
  • It has multifunctional uses- can be used to make papads, roti, puri, etc.
  • Has LED indicators and comes with an auto cut feature
  • It requires 900 W of power input, the most standard one.
  • The tawa material is a food-grade material.
  • Bakelite handle for pressing the dough and also it provides cool touch features.
  • It comes with an anti-skid bottom, for easier use.
  • Needs to be maintained with utmost care as it is quite fragile.
  • Also, its capacity is said to be very limited.

2. Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker

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This is a very affordable roti maker from the brand of Sunflame, which has expertise in the area of kitchen appliances for the last five decades. They have been making appliances to make the kitchen chores more modernized which makes our jobs much easier. 

This roti maker requires around 900 wattage and 250 volts of supply and it comes along with a cord of 1.5 meters, which is properly insulated, like all other products, to safeguard you from any type of mishaps.

It is very compact in size and lightweight, thus easily portable anywhere, to get soft and healthy rotis anywhere and can fit anywhere in the kitchen.

It comes with a grooved handle for better and stronger grip to put better pressure for rolling out the dough, to get even thickness dough.

The handle of the roti maker is heat proof as well as shockproof.

The body is made of stainless steel and thus it is corrosion free and can be used for a longer time, and also gives it a shiny and elegant finish and easy to maintain as well.

The tawa is coated with a non-stick coating so that the wet dough doesn’t stick. Also it provides even heating throughout the surface of the dough. Also, you can brush the griddle with some oil or ghee for getting paratha, rather than using a hefty amount of oil, and brushing ghee a bit makes the rotis moisture too.

It can also be used for roasting papads rather than frying in oil, though the taste will differ a lot the former is a much healthier option. 

The care of the tool is taken by switching off the power supply and cleaning it and patting it till it is dry. It is very important to have a dry appliance before using it the next time.

It comes with the LED power indicator, which turns off and on in accordance with the power supply, and also it comes with automatic switch-off features, which ceases the power when the appliance becomes too hot.

What is the best thing is that it comes with a two years warranty. So if you are looking for safety, then this roti maker from Sunflame should be your choice. 

  • The non-stick coating of the tawa make the cleaning process very easy, maintaining the hygiene of the product
  • It comes with a thermostat, helping in auto powering off of the appliance when it gets overheated.
  • It is a healthier option as less oil is required if cooking is done on this
  • Also a multifunctional roti maker- makes rotis, papads, paranthas, etc.
  • It comes with grooved ABS plastic handles, which gives a stronger grip and also provides a cool touch feature.
  • The price is very affordable as well.
  • It comes with an insulated outer cover that makes it shockproof and heatproof.
  • It comes with a two years warranty period.
  • While using it, the temperature of the appliance becomes hot too quickly, so it is advisable to use it under the electric fan.
  • The customers have complained about poor customer service.

3. Prestige PRM 3.0 Stainless Steel Roti Maker

check price at amazon

Just like Rotis are a staple in the Indian diet, this brand is a staple in our everyday life. This heavy roti maker is quite a basic requirement for all. Prestige has always come up with convenient and innovative home appliances for daily use. Over the years, they have understood the needs of the customers well and manufactured their appliances accordingly, within an affordable price range.

The cord is of standard length and is insulated properly for a shockproof experience. It comes with smart power indicators, which turn red on being connected to a power supply and green when the roti maker is ready to be used and then it finally turns off when the job is done.

It is more relatable to the gas flame method of roti making, as this appliance comes with a regular which has six different temperature options for cooking, making it a versatile tool.

It is facilitated with a comfortable grip handle to make the process of rolling out easier and smoother. Also, it needs to be kept in mind that the handle used in this roti maker is quite fragile and not much pressure should be put on it while making rotis or paranthas. Just press it lightly to obtain the desired thickness.

The outer body of the whole griddle is of stainless steel, for durability. Also, the stainless steel of the outer body maintains the quality and working of the appliance for a longer time.

The griddle is made of material for even heating through and coated with a material to give a non-stick finish, for ease of cleaning and also preventing the wet dough from sticking to the surface.

Let’s talk about its look now. It comes in a black and silver color that is elegant to look at and it just sits perfectly anywhere in anyone’s kitchen. Also, it is compact and can be stored anywhere and is easily portable, and can be moved anywhere to get the desired soft and round rotis.

It is very easy to use, as it does not have any complicated mechanism and also the manufacturer provides a demo CD of the same, making it easier to use.

It comes with a year warranty from the manufacturer. 

  • The process of cooking and cleaning is very easy because of its non-stick coating
  • The outer body, as well as the cord, is properly insulated against heat as well as electric shocks
  • A demo CD is provided for better understanding.
  • Also, the customer service provided by the brand is very good
  • It requires around 900 W only, which is pretty standard for roti makers
  • The handle is easy and comfortable to grip, which makes the job easier.
  • The product is comparatively expensive
  • The handle is very fragile and needs to handled with care
  • The dough requires more water, as the roti maker dries up the dough pretty quickly.


Keep the factors in mind while buying a roti maker and it will make your job a lot simpler. Make sure, your roti maker has all the important functions, or else it is not worth the money and a total wastage and would not help in easing your life. And preferably go for a brand that has been in the market for quite a long time and is local, to avoid sudden bad surprises. 

We brought to you the three best roti makers in the market.

If you have a higher budget then you should go for Prestige PRM 3.0 Stainless Steel Roti Maker, as it has better customer service and also all the premium features and comes with the trust of Prestige.

But if you are on a tight budget, Sunflame Roti Maker should be your choice, as all the parts are properly insulated and the cord is long enough too and they have an extended warranty of two years but their customer service is not very good. But that can be easily overlooked as it has so many nicer features.

Share your experience of roti makers with us. We are happy to hear from you.

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